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Telehealth Overview

In accordance with sections 17b-245e and 17b-245g of the Connecticut General Statutes, the Department of Social Services (DSS) provides reimbursement for select services when performed via telehealth under the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program (CMAP). Telehealth services include synchronized audio-visual (telemedicine) two-way communication services and, where specified by DSS, audio-only two-way synchronized communication services delivered via telephone. In developing the CMAP Telehealth policy, DSS consulted with practicing clinicians to determine clinically appropriate policy, limitations and criteria. DSS’ telehealth policy was developed to support the HUSKY Health member’s ability to access clinically appropriate, clinical effective services while maintaining the highest quality of care. The health, safety, and experience of the HUSKY Health member are central drivers of CMAP’s policy. Notwithstanding federal or state statutes, the Department reserves the right to update and/or amend the telehealth policy going forward based on relevant research on this topic and/or based on feedback the Departments solicits from HUSKY members and providers.

This web page has been developed for providers to refer to for the latest telehealth updates including, Important Messages (IMs), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and the CMAP Telehealth table, which provides a complete list of procedure codes approved to be rendered via telehealth. Providers are encouraged to monitor this Web page for updates. DSS will publish IMs to notify providers if updates are made to the Telehealth Table. Providers must also refer to PB 2023-38: Revised Guidance for Services Rendered via Telehealth for additional telehealth guidance. All provider bulletins, fee schedules and FAQs can be found on the CMAP Web site, Providers should carefully review CMAP’s Telehealth Table for the full list of approved procedure codes and, when applicable, the Revenue Center Codes (RCCs), that are eligible via telehealth. Only the codes listed on the table are allowed to be provided via telehealth. Therefore, if a code is NOT listed on table, the code is NOT eligible for payment when rendered via telehealth. Providers must refer to the Effective Date/End Date and Policy Guidelines columns detailing any specific policy criteria and/or limitations for each procedure code. Please see the bottom of Telehealth Table for proper use of modifiers for telehealth services. Providers should refer to this table periodically to ensure use of the most recent version. Providers must continue to refer to their applicable reimbursement methodology and/or fee schedule to ensure that the service identified as being eligible to be rendered as a telehealth service is payable for their specific provider type and for the reimbursement rate.

CMAP Telehealth Table


Important Messages - Telehealth
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