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ACA Ordering/Prescribing/Referring Provider List
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that ordering, prescribing and referring providers who render services to HUSKY clients be enrolled in the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program (CMAP). The Department of Social Services (DSS) has made the following list available of enrolled providers who are eligible to order services on behalf of CMAP clients, or who may make referrals for such clients. Included in this list are providers who are currently in the process of enrolling in CMAP. The list is being made available to assist billing providers with verifying providers' CMAP enrollment status relative to the OPR requirement. This list will be refreshed each week.

Providers on this list with an enrollment status of Application in process-not yet enrolled have submitted an enrollment application to CMAP but are not yet approved to order or refer services for HUSKY clients. Once the provider has been approved, their contract status will change and their contract effective dates will be posted. Please note that contract effective dates are often approved dating back six months or more. If the application is denied, the provider will be removed from this list.

Providers on this list with an enrollment status of either Active or Performing Provider Only have successfully enrolled in CMAP and may order or refer services for HUSKY clients. This list also includes providers who are eligible to prescribe; however, the following provider types are not licensed to prescribe drug products and may only order or refer services for HUSKY clients:

= 15 Chiropractors = 17 Therapists = 19 Opticians
= 33 Behavioral Health Clinicians = 62 Naturopath

DSS has started denying claims that are submitted with an ordering, prescribing or referring provider not enrolled in CMAP. Please see the Important Message titled The Implementation of the Ordering, Prescribing, and Referring (OPR) Affordable Care Act (ACA) Mandates Related to Provider Enrollment and Claim Editing on the Home page of the Web site for more information.

Important: This list should NOT be used to refer clients for services as it includes providers who are only enrolled for OPR purposes only, and also providers not accepting new patients. In order to locate a provider accepting new patients, clients may contact one of the following Administrative Services Organizations (ASO):
  • Primary Care Providers:
    Community Health Network of CT (CHNCT) at 1-800-859-9889
  • Behavioral Health Providers:
    Beacon Health Options at 1-877-55-CTBHP or 1-877-552-8247
  • Dental Providers:
    Connecticut Dental Health Partnership at 1-855-CT-DENTAL or 1-855-283-3682

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