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Important Messages

Attention All Providers: Claim Related Inquiries (Posted 5/22/23)

Attention Home Health Agency (HHA) Providers: URGENT: ACTION REQUIRED to receive 2% rate increase through value-based payments (VBP) (Posted 5/19/2023)

Attention Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Providers: URGENT ACTION REQUIRED to receive 2% rate increase through value-based payments (VBP) (Posted 5/19/23)

Attention Transportation Providers: REMINDER Vehicle Registration Information Requirement (Posted 5/18/23)

Attention Home Health Providers: Important Reminders (Posted 5/16/23)

Understanding the Unwinding: Provider Webinar (Posted 5/12/23)

Updating Dental Code for Billing the Dental Component of the Multi-disciplinary Examinations (Posted 5/11/23)

Behavioral Health Clinician Groups and Individual Clinicians in Independent Practice FAQ (Posted 5/11/23)

Hospital Reimbursement Public Notice (Posted 5/9/23)

Hospital Monthly Important Message (Posted 5/8/23)

The Public Health Emergency ending May 11, 2023, pre-pandemic timeliness standards for Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) will go into effect May 12, 2023 (Posted 5/4/23)

Attention Physicians and Outpatient Hospitals: Medical Authorization Portal: Office-Based Procedures and Outpatient Surgeries (Posted 4/17/23)

Attention Home Health Providers: REMINDER: Sandata Agency Management (SAM) Training Dates and Registration Links for Existing & New Users (Posted 4/4/23)

Attention Home Health Providers: Notice of Important Updates (Posted 3/23/23)

Attention Autism Waiver Service Providers: CMAP COVID-19 Response - Bulletin 12: Waiver of Certain Requirements and Temporary Procedural Changes for Home and Community-Based Waiver Programs - UPDATE (Posted 3/21/23)

Attention Primary Care Providers (PCPs): HUSKY Health Secure Provider Web Portal Sign Up (Posted 3/21/23)

Attention Behavioral Health Providers: Beacon Health Options to become Carelon Behavioral Health (Posted 2/24/23)

Attention Outpatient Hospital Providers: Monkeypox Testing and Vaccines in the Outpatient Hospital Setting (Posted 2/14/23)

Attention: Behavioral Health Providers (Posted 2/10/23)

Attention Home Health Providers: Reminder of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Home Health Provider Survey and Upcoming Town Hall Session Dates (Posted 2/9/23)

Attention Providers: Guidance for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) Ordering Home Health Services (Posted 2/6/23)

Attention Pharmacy Providers: Reminder of Re-enrollment Periods for Pharmacy Providers (Posted 1/18/23)

COVID-19 Information and FAQs (Updated 11/16/22)

Attention Home Health Agencies: Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Implementation Update (Updated 11/4/22)

HUSKY Health Primary Care Payment Program Extension Notification

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