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Instructions Upon Completion Of The Enrollment/Re-enrollment Wizard Page
This page is accessed through the Public Web Site Provider page. It provides useful information to providers who have completed their enrollment or re-enrollment application through the Web portal. 

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This page provides information on the next steps that occur after a provider has submitted their on-line Web portal enrollment or re-enrollment application.  For those providers that enroll/re-enroll on paper, it also provides a link to the additional documentation that they must attach to their application.

Please note that each completed document that must be mailed to DXC Technology must include the Application Tracking Number (ATN), and should be mailed to the following address:

          DXC Technology Provider Enrollment Unit
          P.O. Box 5007
          Hartford, CT 06102-5007

Please note that providers should not submit to DXC Technology a copy of the on-line enrollment or re-enrollment application, or complete a paper application after a Web application has been submitted. Providers should only submit the required supporting documentation. Without this documentation, DXC Technology cannot process the provider's application.