Online Panel Help
Provider Enrollment Tracking
This page is accessed through the Public Web Portal Provider page. It is used by providers to check their enrollment or re-enrollment status through the Internet.

Navigation Path: [Provider] - [Provider Enrollment Tracking]

To Track Provider Enrollment:
  1. Enter the ATN assigned when the provider enrollment was successfully submitted or the ATN communicated to you on your Provider Re-enrollment Due Notice.
  2. Enter the Business OR Last Name used for the provider enrollment/re-enrollment.
  3. Click search.
The Search Results panel displays below with information about this enrollment/re-enrollment application.

To obtain a list of ATN statuses and a description of each status, please refer to Chapter 10 of the provider manual, available on this Web site by selecting Information, then Publications. After scrolling down to the Provider Manuals section, click on the link to Chapter 10.