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Provider Home Page
This is the main menu page of the Public Web site Provider area.

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This page provides access to information of interest to Connecticut Medical Assistance Program providers and clients.
  • Provider Responsibility - This panel describes the responsibilities of the provider participating in the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program.
  • Gainwell Technologies Provider Relations - This panel describes Gainwell Technologies' responsibilities and provides important contact information for the Gainwell Technologies Provider Assistance Center. 
Once on the Provider Home page, links to the following pages are available to all providers:
  • Provider Enrollment - Begin the on-line provider enrollment application. 
  • Provider Enrollment Tracking - Check the status of your provider enrollment/re-enrollment application - requires Application Tracking Number (ATN) and provider name.
  • Provider Matrix - This page can be used to identify the follow on documents that must be submitted to Gainwell Technologies, by select provider types, to complete the enrollment/re-enrollment application.
  • Provider Re-enrollment - Begin the on-line provider re-enrollment application.
  • Provider Services - Links to Gainwell Technologies and DSS contact information, schedules and training information.
  • Provider Search - Provides links to Web sites to locate Connecticut Medical Assistance Program providers in your area.
  • Drug Search - Search for information on prescription drugs.
  • Provider Fee Schedule Download - Access fee schedule information by contract, benefit group and procedure code; download fee schedules in CSV (comma delimited values which can be used to create your own spreadsheet) format.
  • EHR Incentive Program - Access important information related to the Electronic Health Records (EHR) incentive program.
  • OOS Instructions/Information - Access important instructions and information about out-of-state claims submission.
  • E-mail Subscription - Subscribe to receive email messages with important information about the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program. Users may also modify their subscription or unsubscribe.
  • Secure Site - Authorized users can log in to the Secure Web site for access to E-Messages, Client Eligibility, Claims Inquiry, Submission and Denture/Eyeglass History, Prior Authorization Inquiry, File Upload and File Download.