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This page contains links to Hospital Modernization information and publications.

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This page provides information regarding the Hospital Modernization initiative. An overview of the initiative, important messages, and explanations regarding Inpatient and Outpatient payment methodologies are provided along with additional links to more detailed information.

Hospital Modernization related information is presented in the following panels:

Hospital Modernization Overview: This panel provides a general overview of the Hospital Modernization initiative including a countdown in days to the "go-live" date for DRG. Links to the Inpatient and Outpatient Payment Methodolgy panels are included at the top of the panel.

Important Messages - Connecticut Hospital Modernization : This panel contains any Important Messages pertinent to Hospital Modernization.

Hospital Inpatient Payment Methodology - Diagnosis Related Group (DRG): This panel describes the proposed Inpatient Payment Methodology. Links are provided for the following documents:

  • General FAQs
  • Interim Billing
  • 3 Day Rule: Outpatient Stay Prior to Inpatient Admission
  • Behavioral Health/Rehabilitation Claims
  • Health Care Acquired Condition (HCAC) / Present on Admission (POA)
  • Hospital Based Practitioners ? Inpatient Services

DRG Calculator: This panel describes the DRG Calculator.

Hospital Outpatient Payment Methodology - Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC): This panel describes the proposed Outpatient Payment Methodology.